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The weeks of pregnancy and the first breathtaking days of a newborn passes in a blink of an eye.  This is certainly one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. Your baby will never be this tiny again and you can never look back and recreate these fleeting days and moments. During the 1st year, everything changes so quickly.  Catching the 1st year milestones will be something to cherish and look back on for generations to come. Making sure you have commissioned the right photographer to document your family legacy is paramount. Hiring an experienced maternity and newborn photographer is something that you should do before your baby’s arrival because it is a once-in-a-lifetime event that takes planning. Educating yourself what a professional photographer is will make you an informed consumer. It is our goal to help bring to light the beauty and talent of this specialized photography field. This is done with hopes that we can help determine if we are the photographer for you, or perhaps one of our professional peers. Hiring a skilled photographer for your newborn, the photographer who will be posing, soothing, and handling the most important and fragile person in your life takes research and decision making. Here are some helpful tips to help guide you in selecting a Professional Photographer.

With the advent of affordable consumer grade cameras, photographers are born daily. If you are searching for a true professional, one can define it as a someone who is licensed, insured and has backup equipment. Because sometimes there isn’t second chances.  Be assured we are licensed, insured and in good standing with Kern County and the City of Bakersfield and Professional Photographers Association.

As parents, a browsing of a photographer’s online portfolio is a great way to start. Often photographers have a portfolio online with a website and they may also be on social media outlets, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+. Take some time to view their website and their online presence. Photographers are artists and every photographer has a different style and vision. Choose a photographer that speaks to your style. And a photographer that understands the concepts of photography. Such as focus, exposure, lighting, processing, hue, composition, saturation, framing, color theory, posing, etc.

If a baby looks unsafe, unhappy or uncomfortable, chances are it may just be. As a parent, trusting a photographer to pose your new, fragile infant is important. A baby should never be put in danger in order to capture “the shot” and get a nice image. Trendy poses can be harmful if not done with safety being an utmost priority. Many poses a newborn photographer accomplishes is with the help of spotters, assistants, or are often composites manipulated in Photoshop. Posing a baby correctly and safely takes years of training and experience. Chances are the person who just picked up their camera recently won’t have the education to do it safely and correctly. We can assure you, we safely pose and do composite portraits when needed.

Once you have narrowed your selection, ask for testimonials or references?  Referrals and testimonials are an important part of any business.  Testimonials exhibit photographer credibility and level of expertise.  What are clients saying about a photographer is important.  Testimonials can express the trust past clients have in the photographer’s work, interaction and safety of the client. You can find some of ours here.

Experience & Knowledge
You may want to inquire how long they have been in business. A legitimate business is registered with the city and can provide the consumer documentation.  Consumers can also search businesses using their local county clerk office or Secretary of State websites. Aside from being a legitimate, law abiding, tax paying citizen, we recommend to inquire how long they have been photographing a speciality such as maternity and newborn. And to ask about the education and experience they have. Most experienced newborn photographer’s have been to numerous workshops, attended seminars, participate in forums, and continue their education. Being familiar with industry standards, posing secrets, soothing secrets and more importantly safety for your newborn. We believe continuing education is vital to the profession. Prior to booking a session with a photographer, we suggest due diligence and some research. We have taken several workshops and classes from the following industry leaders: Son Kissed PhotographyKeri Meyers, Rachel Vanoven, Robin Long Photography, Ana Brandt of TAoPaN | The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn, Kelly Brown of Little Pieces Photography, Modern Baby Photography, Amy Cook Photography,  Sandy Puc Photography, Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images, Zach and Jody Gray, Stephanie Cotta PhotographyMilk & Honey Photography, and Lynne Rigby Photography.

Although cost should be considered with any consumer goods, try not to make it the only deciding factor. Your portraits will be part of your family legacy for generations. They will be displayed for decades to come, at high school graduation, at your’s child’s own wedding day, when your child is holding their own child sweetly, and so-on. Your images document your family legacy. Professional photographers charge accordingly because we are running a legitimate business. Running a business profitably takes planning and has expenses such as taxes (federal & state), utilities, insurance, equipment, workshops, education, training, props, professional organizations, software, marketing.

We hope this information helps you with selecting the photographer that will document your family legacy.


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