Have you ever felt the love of a child? The love between a parent and a child is a near indescribable bond and connection. When you feel the first kick or look into your child’s eyes, it is the purest love. It is perfection. Once you’ve held your child tight within your arms there is no measure to the love. You will now forevermore walk around with your heart on your chest. A child fills the holes in your heart you didn’t know you had. 

The days and nights when you gently sway, rock and comfort will one day become beloved memories. I know first hand how quickly children grow. Capturing those first newborn details like sweet rosebud lips, the soft delicate skin, tiny fingers, and hands is a documented testimony of your love. One day those bitty hands will grow and accomplish great things.

As time passes and your child grows every stage is worthy of capturing. From sitting up, crawling, standing and then as they grow through the years… From the 1st tooth lost, the 1st day of school and all the days in between. Everything is a first.

You are raising a small human and documenting it is a testimony of your love and part of your family legacy. Portraits deserve to be on the wall as art and in albums to be shared. They are the warm loving reminder that love exists.  One day your home may be void of the noise of children. One day they will grow up. It’s those portraits that quickly remind us of all the love, hugs, tears and joy we’ve shared. 



The Artist

Proudly creating baby and newborn fine art portraiture for the discerning parent since 2010.  The principle artist and photographer at Sweetness Photography, Tracey Stone, RN, has been designated a baby whispering craftsman among her peers and parents she has served. The mission of the studio is to create and deliver to her clients timeless, classic, heirloom, treasured  and peaceful art.  Art that is surely to be treasured for generations to come.  The studio is nestled in a private residential studio in Bakersfield, California with limited availability for traveling to surrounding regions.

Her photography and designs emphasizes the understated.  Photographing in a natural, simple and organic manner focusing on the beauty of her subjects. Each session is personalized, private and creative to suit her client’s goals.  Tracey loves light and seeks quiet beauty.

At Sweetness Photography, we offer our clients a custom tailored photographic experience that is both memorable and meaningful, with heirloom images that you can proudly share and treasure for years to come. We utilize only the finest materials to produce your art. Because your moments need to be documented and remembered perfectly. We use only the highest quality cameras, lenses and equipment. You can expect our investment into quality equipment and studio props each year, creating up-to-date artistry. Putting only the safest and best of today’s technology at work for you.

Tracey is also a registered nurse, and has been proudly serving communities since 2001. Clients can rest in the knowledge that newborn safety and cleanliness is always a top priority. When you choose Sweetness Photography for your fine art portraiture, you can trust that you’ve hired a photographer that has the professionalism and knowledge to care for and capture your new baby with the utmost attention to safety, detail, and ability.

We look forward to learning more about you and how we fit in to fulfill your vision and bring your art to life.  To get to know Tracey more, here are some random facts.

“Babies are my inspiration and my joy. In them, I see innocence and the precious possibilities of each life unfolding. In my images, I hope to convey a measure of the beauty that exists in all children.” ~Anne Geddes